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Commercial Parking Lot Sweeping

Clean Green SM provides a wide variety of thorough and high quality commercial parking lot sweeping in Utah. Due to our strategic affiliation with Excel Sweeping & Property Maintenance, LLC, any parking lot sweeping services will be performed by Excel. Clean Green SM is a "sister" company or affiliate of Excel. Excel is the largest commercial sweeping service provider in the State of Utah; currently servicing over 125 accounts; some on a nightly basis. Excel owns and operates ten (10) Nitehawk® hydraulic Raptor® sweeper trucks. Excel operates on a nightly basis servicing from as far south as Payson, Utah to North Ogden, Utah and west as far as Tooele and east as far as Heber, Utah. Excel has been the premier parking lot sweeping provider in Utah for forty-three (43) years.

Clean Green SM is owned, in part, by one of the principals of Excel Sweeping & Property Maintenance, LLC. The two companies work synergistically and communication between the two operates to avoid miscommunication, ensures optimal timely work performance and ensures the highest quality work. Excel's professionals in the field will work with customers to create a service plan which uniquely fits the customer's needs, budget, specifications and scope of work. In combination Clean Green SM and Excel currently service some of the most challenging properties in the Salt Lake Valley. References may be provided upon request.

A parking lot must be maintained. In addition to aesthetic and professional appearance; parking lot sweeping is considered to be a "best management practice" and offers indirect benefits, including, but not limited to: curtailing of storm water runoff and harmful debris; assists in keeping parking lot free of contaminants and a regular maintenance program ensures compliance with environmental standards set by State and local authorities.

Clean Green SM through Excel, offers Plan Customization. Not all properties are the same. We will evaluate your traffic, your hours and your needs, in order to implement the most efficient and effective plan. Depending on your needs Clean Green SM and Excel will organize or modify our schedule in order to implement the best plan for you. For example, difficult properties may require late morning servicing as opposed to early night service. Contact us now for a free bid!