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Clean Green SM pride’s itself on being the number one Day-Porter service provider along the Wasatch Front. We provide Day-Porter service to many of the largest stores and commercial developments located on the Wasatch Front. Our Day-Porters are used to working in busy, high traffic areas, and are familiar with all types of cleaning, trash removal, as well as minor repairs. Almost everything related to cleaning and public facilities is provided by Clean Green SM about the only thing we don’t handle is toxic waste items. Indeed, we porter some of the most challenging locations in this region on a daily basis and references may be provided upon request.

Day-Porter service can fill in many gaps un-filled by your parking lot sweeping service provider, including, but not limited to:

  • Those hard to reach curb lines and corners a sweeper truck cannot reach;
  • Glass spills and heavier items a sweeper truck cannot pick up;
  • Garbage located in shrubs or landscaping;
  • Employee smoking areas where cigarette butts and garbage tend to accumulate;
  • Cleaning out dumpster areas which can rapidly deteriorate if not addressed;
  • Communication with managers or owners regarding special problems or damage to property;
  • Watering shrubs, if necessary, and changing trash liners.

Many of our clients choose to communicate with us directly. We then coordinate with other service providers to ensure prompt response times and clear up confusion. For example, in the event a sweeper truck might not have done a good enough job on a given night, such will promptly be communicated to the sweeping company which in turn can check GPS and ensure service times and scope of work were met. This communication process ensures reduced stress and worry while simultaneously ensuring problems are promptly addressed resulting in premium service. Contact us now for a free bid!



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