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As a store manager, owner or property manager, it is essential you have a positive first impression on your visitors and employees. Maintaining and cleaning your windows is an essential component of this equation in today’s competitive market. Brilliant, clear windows is a trait which does not go unnoticed by your customers or visitors. In fact, the very best commercial properties maintain a regimented window cleaning schedule which maintain the property in optimal visual condition.

Clean Green SM uses only non-toxic window cleaning agents, or, uses reverse osmosis or de-ionized water, in connection with its window cleaning processes. De-ionized water is water that has had almost all its mineral ions removed such as cations like sodium, calcium, iron and copper and anions like chloride, chlorine and sulfate. The result is an environmentally friendly “ultra-clean” water. A water which, when residually left on the window sill, acts as a cleaning agent on the bottom of the sill itself (i.e. after the window is clean). Reverse Osmosis acts in much the same manner. Our windows are spot free, gleaming, and environmentally friendly in the manner in which we achieve customer satisfaction.

Clean Green SM is capable of servicing any window project of any height up to sixty feet (4 stories) in height. We currently service the windows of large commercial retailers along the Wasatch Front. We are accident free, insured, utilize safety cones and signs, and are generally safety conscious while performing our work. Contact us now for a free bid!



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